Find exceptional IT Talent.

Looking to hire a contract or permanent role? Bashlee has access to top talents who will make a real difference in your organization.

Quick Turnaround. Reliable. Quality

When you need new people to scale up your teams, or you’re looking for specific skills to help your business react fast, our full range of talent services will deliver. We Go Beyond to find you the right people.

Contract Recruitment

A flexible way to solve workforce shortages. Replace key employees for a short term.

Permanent Recruitment

Hire experienced and suitable candidates on a permanent basis.​​ Candidates who are willing to grow as your company grows.

Talent Solutions

We go through the process of identifying, sourcing, screening and shortlisting candidates that are a perfect fit for your organisation.


Helping your business evolve.

Our reputation is built on finding you the right people. Talented people who stand out, who make a real difference. With the right people, your business can realise its ambitions and go further than you ever thought possible.

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