Engineering Recruitment in Ireland

In the innovative realm of Ireland's engineering sector, Bashlee emerges as a pivotal partner, committed to connecting premier engineering firms and projects with exceptional talent. With a vision centred on driving engineering excellence and innovation, Bashlee is your trusted ally in navigating the complexities of engineering recruitment.

Our Specialised Engineering Roles

Blueprinting the Future

Bashlee specialises in sourcing and placing top-tier talent across a broad spectrum of engineering roles, including but not limited to:

Why work with us?


Our team combines in-depth knowledge of engineering recruitment with a dedicated approach, recognising the unique challenges and demands of the engineering profession.

Personalised Solutions

Crafting personalised recruitment strategies that align with the distinct culture and requirements of engineering entities.

Responsive Service

Providing adaptable recruitment services to ensure the timely and effective placement of essential engineering talent.

Our Approach: Constructing Careers & Building Futures

  1. Strategic Engagement: Deeply understanding your company’s ethos and the specific skills and qualities you seek in engineering professionals.
  2. Blueprint for Talent Acquisition: Employing strategic sourcing techniques and leveraging our extensive network to identify candidates who not only possess the technical expertise but also align with your corporate culture and goals.
  3. Comprehensive Compatibility Assessment: Ensuring a perfect match through thorough evaluation of candidates’ experience, qualifications, and fit within your engineering team.
  4. Streamlined Integration Support: Providing comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process to facilitate a smooth transition for both engineering entities and the newly placed talent.

Powering Ireland's Engineering Sector

We're committed to more than just filling vacancies; we're dedicated to fuelling the growth of Ireland's engineering sector by connecting qualified, innovative, and driven engineering professionals with the environments where they can thrive and contribute to engineering excellence.

Our Commitment: Your Strategic Engineering Partners

As Bashlee expands, so does our dedication to the success of the engineering sector. Each partnership is a testament to our commitment to contributing to the advancement and innovation of engineering practices in Ireland. With a solid foundation in engineering recruitment and an eye on industry trends, we stand ready as your strategic allies in engineering talent acquisition.

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