Sales Coach

Job Category: Sales and Marketing
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Remote

Bashlee is excited add a part time SALES COACH to its growing team. The person will be responsible for providing guidance, mentorship, and coaching to our sales team to help them reach their full potential. You will work closely with sales agents and managers to identify areas for improvement, develop personalised training plans, and monitor progress.


  • Sales Training: Design, develop, and deliver training programs that address the specific needs of the sales team.
  • Coaching and Feedback: Conduct one-on-one coaching sessions with sales representatives to provide constructive feedback on their sales techniques, communication skills, and overall performance.
  • Performance Analysis: Analyse sales data, KPIs, and metrics to identify areas of improvement. Work with sales representatives to set performance goals and track progress.
  • Sales Strategy: Collaborate with the sales management team to refine sales strategies and tactics. Ensure that the sales team is aligned with the company’s sales objectives.
  • Sales Process Optimization: Identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the sales process and recommend improvements to streamline operations and increase productivity.
  • Skill Development: Provide guidance on product knowledge, objection handling, negotiation skills, and closing techniques. Create customised development plans for each salesperson.
  • Motivation and Morale: Inspire and motivate the sales team to maintain high levels of enthusiasm, engagement, and performance. Foster a positive and competitive sales culture.
  • Documentation: Maintain detailed records of coaching sessions, progress reports, and individual development plans which have been communicated and aligned on with the management and quality teams.


  • 4 years of experience delivering highly engaging, high impact onboarding and training for Sales teams
  • Proficient in latest enablement trends, technologies, tactics, methodologies.
  • Proficient in L&D principles including adult learning theory, instructional design, and technology-based learning, and skill development.
  • Strong group facilitation skills.
  • Ability to work cross-functionally and collaboratively with multiple stakeholders.
  • Relationship-builder: You should have the ability to quickly build and earn trust through deep understanding of your audience, business experience and application of best training and facilitation practices.
  • Data-driven: Ability to use data to design and measure enablement.
  • Strategic problem solver: you look beyond the immediate task to understand the business issue, what the organisation is trying to solve for and apply the right solution.
  • Excellent communication skills and a high degree of creativity
  • A self-starter comfortable with ambiguity and shifting priorities
  • Strong attention to detail
  • High level of emotional intelligence.

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